Thiourea Dioxide (Formamidine sulfinic acid)

CasNo: 1758-73-2

Molecular formula
molecular weight: 108.12,shape and properties:white crystal powder.

Thiourea dioxide has many advantages, such as high reducibility, excellent heat stability, nonpoison, tasteless, easy operation, efficience, transportation and storage convenient etc. It is an exchange product of sodium hydrosulphite.

It is a new kind of reducing agent that used as exchange of sodium hydrosulfite. Widely used in textile and paper making industry. This product is also used in leather processing industry,paper,pulp and board industry,photographic industry, bleaching and reducing agents. This product is also a component of decolorisation agents. In macromolecule material industry, it is used as catalysis agent and stabilizer of resinic producing,and it is also used in organic synthesization of sensitizing material, and medicine,medicial,spicery materials in fine chemicals, and also can be applied in the recycling and separating of heavy metals.

Dry pure environment, the well ventilated condition, and the 30 ℃ warehouse temperature is good for storaging this product. Please Pay attention to moisture-proof, rainproof!